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Telephone Number: 01708 630 448
FAX No: 01708 630 357
E-mail Address:
Headquarters Location: Consolidated House Faringdon Avenue, Romford, Essex, RM3 8SP

About CMI:-

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Should you ally yourself with an excellent drop shipper that’s years of expertise and a very long list of happy clients then you can practically eliminate some of the drawback to drop shipping by simply relying upon their demonstrated excellent control procedures as well as their company standing.

If you send a parcel via priority overnight transport from 1 end of this country to another or onto a trans-continental travel it will probably have a ride at least one, if more airplanes and on any range of different street vehicles until it finally arrives at its destination.

When the boat sails your transport business will return the initial title to you together with their transportation bill of lading and directions about the best way best to pick up your bike in the country of destination.

Even though the travel itself may be an adventure, sometimes the time, cost or hassle of driving to the last destination can make bicycle transport a fantastic alternative. More time in the rally, less time away from work or perhaps only a warm, humid ride makes bicycle shipping seem inviting.

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