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Pan Pacific Express Corp. Customer Care:-

Telephone Number: (310) 638-3888
FAX No: (310) 638-1407
E-mail Address:
Headquarters Location: 19481 Harborgate Way, Torrance, CA 90501, USA

About Pacific Star Express Corporation:-

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Among the biggest advantages of utilizing a third party cargo service representative comes when freight has to be transported both locally and globally. The support bureau will take care of all hte required paperwork along with the transition will be smooth. It may be a struggle for a shipper to find a local carrier to acquire freight to a local destination then find an global carrier which may find the dispatch the remainder of the way.

Insurance differs for different kinds of products. For example, household products have to be professionally packed by accredited professionals to be eligible for a proper insurance policy. Not understanding little things like this, certain individuals have paid cash and presumed their freight was ensured when, as a result of some thing similar to how their merchandise were filled, they’d bought trivial insurance. It’s’s essential to not just ensure your shipments are secure but it’s just as important to get them correctly insured also.

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