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Port Qasim Authority Customer Service Customer Care:-

Telephone Number: +92-21-34739100
FAX No: +92-21-34730021
Headquarters Location: Berth # 5,6 & 7, Marginal Wharves, Port Muhammad Bin Qasim, PO Box 6425, Karachi – 75020, Pakistan

About Port Qasim Container:-

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When shipping any delicate things, it’s crucial to prepare them beforehand for shipping, irrespective of shipping method selected. This may be achieved by visually inspecting the merchandise and taking photos of them. An appraisal of this item ought to be done in order to ascertain the market value of this merchandise and recorded. This individual may also provide advice regarding how the thing many best be sent to be able to receive it into the intended recipient safely since they have experience with this. To ready the item for dispatch, an individual could carefully wrap the thing in a substance that could withstand bumps and jarring, like bubble wrap, foam casing or newspaper packaging material.

The issue of communicating every new sale for the shipping department is always simple if you’re the delivery section. If your organization is big enough that you’ve got a genuine warehouse or sending worker, nevertheless, you will want to ensure they’re advised as fast as possible of every new sale since it has processed.

You can also check the status by Bill of lading (BL) number.

Port Qasim Authority is Managing Qasim International Container Terminal in Karachi Port (DP World Karachi).

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