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A good instance of that is Egypt, in which the postal service is quite limited in comparison to that in Europe. You will send a parcel through an global carrier and it is going to then have to be gathered by your client in their depot. However, you are going to come across the local provider might well not call your client to inform him his package has arrived!

Also remember you will have to look at your couriers insurance coverage in regards to sending antiques or other quite precious parcels, as beyond a certain limit they’ll be sent on a no damages basis, meaning if damaged in transit you cannot claim. Therefore for such items which you need to think about using a professional parcel courier company that could provide specialist carriage in addition to additional insurance.

There’s a really good reason behind this, and it’s that busted parcels cost a whole lot to type out. If for instance you ship a high value bit of hamburger costing 1,000 and it has damaged in transit and suffers irreparable harm simply because of poor packaging then you’ll need to send your client a replacement. This implies that the breakage has to cost you twice the initial quantity of money, and that doesn’t even consider the time required to sort out the issue.

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