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Telephone Number: +41 848 888 888
Support Team Working Times: Monday till Friday: 7.30am – 6pm Saturday: 8am to 12 noon
Headquarters Location: Swiss Post Ltd, Wankdorfallee 4, 3030 Bern

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Each item needs to only have about 4-5 inches of space around the item being sent. Following this place your bubble packaging or wrapping on all sides of the goods. When it’s comfortable from the box, complete this up with packaging stuff onto the cap of the merchandise so the item is protected from all sides. This can keep your goods safe and dependable on shipping.

Utilize electro static discharge bags to avoid static build up which may harm the circuits of those electronic gadgets.

Delay can describe a reduction of profits in several distinct businesses, as can restricting your self do business in one nation. Rather, locate yourself a trusted continental courier which may move those time sensitive shipments in the time that you need. This way you can confidently conduct business with a bigger client base without needing to be worried about letting down a client with a late dispatch.

There’s not any cost involved for getting a quotation, which means it is possible to ask for quotations from as many companies as you desire. This is quite easy since you can do this from your computer, when you receive a rest from packing boxes. You overlook’t need to go outside and see all the various organizations to have estimates. The delivery businesses which have an internet presence have the petition for quotation forms on the site. They often respond to those requests within a day and then you’re able to compare all the various quotes to find the very best price.

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